And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given us the ministry of reconciliation

2 Corinthians 5:18 KJV


Jesus once gave one of his disciples a simple yet powerful charge. He told him "If you love Me feed my people." With this in mind Jaime Torres Ministries presents the Slangin' Hope Tour!

We'll be in different cities that have been riddled with drugs and violence, and we'll share the life changing truth about God's love for people. Jaime Torres is bringing a team of folks into each city ready to feed these communities food, ready to pray with them, and give the Jesus!

These all day events will consist of music, testimonies, baptism and prayer. Our next stop is Jessup, Georgia!


We need your help! If you would like more details about how you can join us and help us at the actual event, please contact us using the form below. If you would like to support this movement financially, please use Cash App $jtmtour or by mail PO Box 2762 Morganton, NC 28680. Please specify your gift is for the tour. You can also give at Real Faith Real Talk every Friday evening on the campus of Open Door Baptist Church in Hickory at 7:00pm.

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You Can't Kill the Miracle


Jaime had been in and out of prisons for much of his adult life. Among these were Fort Leavenworth Military Prison and Riker’s Island. But the real turning point in his life came when he was going to spend his whole life in prison: A life sentence.

For many years I was sick – sin sick, but He loved me.
How is it this guy can go to prison and get his life back?
How can I come from this hell hole and be raised up?
The miracle got shot six times in the chest and survived.
The miracle earned his GED in prison.
– Jaime Torres

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Go Straight To The Light 

(You Feeling Me!).

We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.

- 2 Peter 1:19


A lot of people have been playing games when it comes to the Word. They claim to be faith people in public. But, in private, they never open the Bible at all. Then, when a time of trouble comes and they try to stand on the Word, they fall flat on their spiritual faces.

Well, the time for playing games is over. It’s time for us to realize that real faith involves action. James 2:20 says faith without works [or corresponding action] is dead.

If you want the kind of faith that will keep you on your feet when others are falling around you, you need to take some action where the Word is concerned.

First, you need to study. You can study the Word in many ways. Not only can you read it, you can dig deeply into it with concordances, Greek/Hebrew dictionaries and other study guides. What’s more, if you have a media player, you can walk around half the day listening to teaching. It’s only one way of study, but it is a powerful one.

The second thing you need to do is go where the Word is being preached. When Romans 10:17 says “faith cometh by hearing,” it’s talking about the preached Word.

Whenever I start feeling surrounded by problems and I’m having trouble hearing from God, I drop everything and find some place where I can hear the Word preached. I’ve received more answers from God that way than I can count. Even though the preacher may not have been preaching about anything even remotely connected with the issue I was struggling with, some word of Scripture would suddenly start my thoughts in a certain direction. Then I’d realize, That’s the answer to that problem I’ve been dealing with for the past six weeks!

Third, you need to start confessing the Word you’ve heard. Find the promise of God that covers your situation and then declare it out loud as if it had already come to pass in your life.

Get serious about the Word of God. Study it. Go hear it preached. Confess it. Become such a diligent workman that the devil himself will look at you with fear and say, “There’s one believer who’s not playing games anymore.”





We met when I was 20 years old. She was pregnant 5 months later. By the time I was 22, Dianna and I were married with a 1 year old son…all before I finished my college degree. This compressed timeline of dating, having a baby, and getting married, proved to be the root of many of our subsequent issues. 

  • Do we really know each other?

  • Did we get married too soon?

  • Can we be good parents? 

So many unspoken questions and insecurities. So many regrets; things we would have done differently. Not to mention, we were broke. Things were not going well. 


A few months after college graduation, I was driving an hour-and-a-half to a “Good job” that paid me barely enough to provide for my family. The car I drove didn’t have heat and AC. Nor did the windshield wipers work. I was frustrated. When I came home I took that frustration out on Dianna. “Why isn’t the house clean?” “Where is dinner?”…I’d find any reason to be dissatisfied. Funny thing is, every Sunday, we’d pile in the car and go to church. We’d sing songs, shake hands, even smile a little. It was a welcomed reprieve. But after church, the dysfunction continued. 



After 8 years of me trying to find fulfillment in our kids and my job, and Brandon trying to find fulfillment in work and extramarital relationships of varying degrees, our communication was completely broken, the scars in our souls deep and countless, and we decided that separation was our only option. We sold our home and moved into separate apartments down the street from each other. It was just enough distance from Brandon for me to realize that he was not my issue or the only reason that our marriage was failing (though before then you couldn’t have convinced me of that if you tried). 


Depression tried to creep in as we navigated through tactical conversations of finances and weekly child care schedules. I was attacked by weighty doubts that God could ever restore such a mess of a marriage. But, I was determined to either make a liar out of God or prove His Word to be true. I took my eyes off Brandon and laid Him at the cross. Admittedly, in weak moments, I tried to pick up that burden and “help God out” sometimes, but I was quickly reminded that I would never be successful in those attempts! And I’d lay him back down and continue to dig into a relationship with God. I can honestly say that I didn’t know God before this point. Not really. But when the “safety net” of blaming Brandon for my lack of fulfillment and success was removed during this separation, my own personal struggles were revealed. I was insecure, angry, I felt worthless, I was prideful and judgmental…and I can honestly say that I found my true self and a real, intimate relationship with Jesus, a living God, on the beige carpet of that creaky, drafty apartment.


After almost a year of separation, we decided to get back together. Things were by no means perfect, but we genuinely desired to work things out together. We bought a new home together and things we good for a little while…but we were churchless, the pandemic was beginning to rear its ugly head, and it was clear that things were headed in the wrong direction. Again. 


Both of us…

That got our attention. Were we really going to let our family and marriage fall apart? 

We started being more open and honest. We put a greater emphasis on God’s word. Trusting God and His word to continue to keep us. 2 years ago, Victor Salvat invited us to a party to celebrate Jaime’s 20 years of freedom from prison and then we came back the next Friday for REAL FAITH, REAL TALK, and haven’t looked back. We had found the support and discipleship that we needed, and we knew we were called to serve others through Him, so we moved to Hickory to be more involved and to heal. And glory to God, we’re doing just that. It’s not about perfection. It’s about accountability, growing in love, and serving, right where you are.


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