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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

"The Road Map to Real Life through Real Faith"

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Jesus once gave one of His disciples a simple yet powerful charge. He told him “If you love Me feed my people.” With this in mind Jaime Torres Ministries presents the Slangin’ Hope Tour!

We’ll be in different cities across North Carolina that have been riddled with drugs and violence, and we’ll share the life changing truth about God’s love for people. Jaime Torres is bringing a team of folks into each city ready to feed these communities food, ready to pray with them, on them, and give them Jesus!

These all-day events will consist of music , testimonies, baptism, and prayer . Our first stop is Mount Gilead, NC.

We need your help! If you would like more details about how you can join us and help us at the actual event, please contact us using the form below. If you would like to support this movement financially, please use Cash App $jtmtour.

You can also give at Real Faith Real Talk every Friday evening on the campus of Open Door Baptist Church in Hickory at 7:00pm.

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You Can't Kill the Miracle


Jaime had been in and out of prisons for much of his adult life. Among these were Fort Leavenworth Military Prison and Riker’s Island. But the real turning point in his life came when he was going to spend his whole life in prison: A life sentence.

For many years I was sick – sin sick, but He loved me.
How is it this guy can go to prison and get his life back?
How can I come from this hell hole and be raised up?
The miracle got shot six times in the chest and survived.
The miracle earned his GED in prison.
– Jaime Torres

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Jaime's Fresh Word

God bless you brothers and sisters in the faith I pray that you are continuing to seek after the Lord Christ Jesus. As we face unprecedented times in our state country and around the globe I want to take a moment to encourage you. First off I want to thank you in behalf of myself and the entire Jaime Torres Ministries family for everyone who has and continue to support our ministry. Kingdom work is a team effort and we sincerely appreciate  all who partner up with Jaime Torres Ministries as we press forward in the purpose Jesus has for us. My heart in these times is for those walking in faith to  hold on! Hold on to the promises of Christ.  We read in 1 Timothy 6;12 the call to fight the good fight to hold on to our eternal promise! This scripture takes me to  Matthew 28:9 which reads

And behold, Jesus met them and greeted them. And they came up and took hold of His feet and worshiped Him.

Folks we have to take hold of Jesus feet in these uncertain times and Hold On !! The power of worship when faced with a challenge is undeniable. Hold on to your desire to praise and worship Hold on to your hunger for Gods word Hold on to your past victories in Christ as we press on. Finally I leave you with this powerful scripture that excites and encourages me. Roman's 8:38 beautifully declares: "For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Glory to God! Hold on and let your light shine people are depending on us. May God keep you protect you and bless you all I and my wife Grace covet your prayers and love.

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Bennie and I grew up in very broken homes. We grew up with no father present. We faced a lot of rejection growing up. We both felt inadequate and like we were not good enough. This raged anger, self esteem issues and so on. It left us broken and each one of us faced different challenges and hardships. This created a since of emptiness. Then one day we met one another and met a man named Jesus. Although we came to have a relationship with Jesus we still faced a lot of hurt and rejection even in the church. We are a bi- racial couple and that comes with a lot of hurt and pain even from people that call themselves Christians. Jesus was so faithful to us though. He said he would never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5. So to fast forward a little bit Bennie and I conceived and in 2017 I had a miscarriage and it devastated the both of us. We were in church serving and when that happened it’s like we gave up hope. We wanted to throw in the towel. Then in September 2017 just a few months after the miscarriage Jamie and Grace Torres came to Albemarle NC to an outside event in a park. My responsibility was to work the first aide tent. There were hundreds of people there that day so i stayed at my tent making sure no one got hurt. It was a hundred degrees or more and I took Jaime a cold towel and Bennie took him a bottle of water. When Bennie took the water to him, Jaime kissed Bennie and it shook him to his core. He couldn't believe what happened. No man had ever given him a kiss before. Jesus started dealing with him and he connected with Jaime instantly. It was a divine appointment. Bennie and I was not supposed to be at the park that day because we were both scheduled to work, but someone covered our shifts for us. Jesus is strategic he knew exactly what Bennie and I needed. One word and one touch is all it takes for a healing to happen in your life. Through Jaime Jesus touched us big time. So we heard Jaime speak that day and it blew us away and we couldn't wait to get to church the following morning to get more. We got up that morning went to church and it was another powerful service. I was actually sad when he left that day. While he was preaching he mentioned a Friday night bible study called Real Faith Real Talk. We had to have more. We found out where the bible study was held which was two hours away but we went. We fell in love with Jaime and Grace. Most importantly we found our love for Jesus. Jesus used Jaime as a ram in the bush for us. He has helped us grow tremendously in all areas of our life.  Jesus has brought us a mighty long way and has healed us from so many hurting wounds. As we look back over our life and all that we been through we cant help but to tell Jesus thank you. He preserved us and he preserved Jaime so we could meet. Now Jaime is a great father to us and we call him pop. The Lord gave him to us and we desperately needed him and Grace. He has taught us how to genuinely love Jesus and love ourselves. Jesus is a keeper if you want to be kept and what he done for us he can do for you!


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